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Well, I've got some good news and some not so good news. First, the good news. My mom has returned from her stay in the hospital. She's doing all right except now she seems to be walking a lot slower. But, she's up and about and that's good to me. Second, yesterday, my dermatologist called me and told me that a biopsy performed on a suspicious growth on the back of my hand is cancer. I call this not so good news rather than bad news because skin cancer is one of the least deadly forms of cancer, especially if it's caught relatively early and I believe we did it with this. Six months ago, the last time I went to my dermatologist, the growth wasn't on my hand. In fact, it wasn't there two months ago so I believe I caught it in time. On Tuesday, I'm going to have the cancer removed which is supposed to be relatively quick, painless and scarless. I'll let everyone know what happens when I return from the dermatologist. Oh, and thanks for any and all prayers for my mother's quick healing. They worked.
This part of this journal was written on September 12, 2017.

First of all, I want to express my most sincerest of sympathies to everyone affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma. I hope that you have very little, if any, damage and that your power is restored soon.

Second of all, we evacuated our home and headed inland about 70 miles to an uncle's house in Baxley, Georgia. We received a lot of wind and rain. Several trees were felled and a lot of limbs were blown out of the other trees.

Finally, I'm sitting in a hospital room in Alma, Georgia, next to my mother who's lying in the bed. The reason for this is because early Monday morning my mother decided to take a tumble and injure herself. She managed to bruise her hip badly, fractured her scapula, tore her scalp bad enough to need seven staples, has a bruise on her brain, and a number of scrapes on her cheek. Despite all these injuries, she's in good spirits, lucid and in relatively good health. I'm hoping that she'll be released from the hospital soon. I guess I'll know soon enough.

This part of this journal was written on September 17, 2017.

Well, my mother's still in the hospital in Alma, GA. She'll be there for another two weeks as she goes through rehab.

I returned from Baxley, GA, this past Thursday and found that we still didn't have any power but I had to go to work Friday. (I couldn't afford to take any more time off.) It wasn't easy sleeping with no power, no fan to keep me cool and no way to cook something to eat. We finally got power back at about 7:45 pm Friday. Ever since I returned my Dixie has not wanted me out of her sight but I guess she understands that I just have to leave because when I returned from work Friday and Saturday, she was lying on my bed waiting for me to return.

When I returned home, I walked through my yard and saw a lot of large and medium sized limbs all over the front yard. I walked around the yard and saw that there weren't any limbs near our pond but the pond is full almost to overflowing. I didn't see it until yesterday but a tree near the pond was blown over but not broken. It's low enough that I'm going to have to break out my chainsaw and cut it up, along with several limbs too big for me to pull to the side of the road. I'll post some photos to show how lucky we were later. The closest to any damage to our home we had was a rather large pecan limb is lying on the roof but didn't do any damage, except the facia below the roof was cracked there.

I hope that everyone I know that was affected by Irma got off as well as we did.

I should have posted these to my journal sooner but I've been rather busy between work and worrying about my mother's well-being. I hope that everyone affected by Irma made it through with little or no problems.
Jinse Xiongmao
Jinse Xiongmao is the owner of The Golden Panda restaurant in Jaguarville, Flamingo (Florida), husband of Diane Xiongmao, a red panda, and adoptive father of Mei Xiongmao, a flying fox.  His name means golden in Chinese.  He is a “giant” panda with a genetic condition that causes his fur to be golden yellow where it's white on other pandas.  He speaks English with an obvious, but mild, Chinese accent.  He tends to wear traditional Chinese clothing, except when he's cooking at his restaurant.  Then, he wears traditional western chef clothing.  

This drawing was another commission by Brittany Shepard.…  She does the web comic Evon.
My Fursona
After a couple of years of thinking on it, I finally decided on what my fursona is. This is my fursona, a Palla's cat. I chose the Palla's cat because of the look on the face.… That look is the way I look a lot of times on my job. Needless to say, I decided to have him drawn in my work clothes. This drawing was a another commission from Foxenawolf (…) on FurAffinity.
This is Lo-Nachoo. He's the Ka’yno of Talo-Vy when Bill Watson (Mvilu Uatusun) arrives in Talo-Vy and the antagonist in the story "Marooned on Tashoo". He's a head taller than the average Mory making him approximately 290 cm (9.5 feet) tall. There is a broken scar over his right eye. It’s about four centimeters long below the eye and two centimeters above it. He also has a scar on his chest that is mostly hidden by his vest. The left upper canine isn’t visible, having been broken off in one of the numerous fights the Mory enjoy engaging in. He is as dishonorable as the rest of the Mory are honorable. He uses the law, which the Mory hold dear, only to his advantage. Eventually, he is killed by Bill during the "Trial by Combat" after it is discovered that Bill has been keeping a Kootona as a pet.

This drawing was a commission from Foxenawolf (…) on FurAffinity.  She streams on a regular basis and offers commissions during most of her streams.


Glenn Sellers
United States
I am from SE Georgia, USA. I am interested in finding an artist that has enough vision to see what I see in my mind's eye. I am desirous of becoming a writer and would like to find someone who would be interested in sketching or painting creatures I have created for my stories.


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Little-shewolf9 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there !
Just a quick message to let you know that you've been outbid at the very last second on the auction on FA.
Is that okay for you or do you want me to give you a chance to put another bid ? To be fair.
drivernjax Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
I just put in a $25.00 bid, if it isn't too late.
Little-shewolf9 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm very sorry, the auction ended 14 hours ago so... I guess it's too late... The other bidder would not understand if I extend it now.
I really hope you won't feel disappointed... (I'm feeling very sad and embarrassed at the moment to give you a negative answer... Also sorry about the late answer, we're having a very busy day at work T_T )
But I swear there will be more chances to get a cameo in the comic in the future and before the Prologue ends !
drivernjax Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Oh, well.  Unfortunately for me, the bid that won was made while I was at work.  I did respond as soon as I saw your note but, unfortunately, I was too late.  TBH, I actually considered doing the $50.00 buy, but, I thought I'd try to see if, maybe, my luck might have improved a little.  I guess the next time I see the opportunity and I've got the money to do that, I'll just go ahead and buy the YCH like I've done so many times in the past.  Thanks for the opportunity to try.
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You do realize this isn't a "dating" site, don't you?  I'm not here looking for strange people to engage in sexual relations with.  I'm here to enjoy the art work of some rather good artists.  You should try that.
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Thanks for the llama!! Thanks For The Llama Emote by xxxThePretentiousxxx  
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You're welcome.
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Thanks for the watch!
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You're quite welcome.  I really like your a/c artwork.  I love WW2 a/c.
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